Johnny Gibson's Downtown Market


Super Sub Platter

Choose From Italian, American and veggie

6in sub /per with a choice of 2 sides

10.59 /p.p

Slider Platter

Choose from Ham, Roast beef and turkey sliders, fully dressed with choice of two sides

10.59 /p.p

Meat and Cheese

Meat and cheese platter with a choice of bread or croissants and choice of two sides

10.59 /per

Condiment Platter

Platter with Lettuce. pickles, onions and tomatoes

1.99 /per

Cold Cut Sandwiches

Choose from roast beef, Turkey or ham with choice of toppings and 2 sides

10.59 /per

Chicken and Tuna

Chicken and tuna salad served with dinner rolls and 2 sides

10.59 /per

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